Identifying The Demographic Pattern of West Java Using Spatial Autocorrelation: Preparing for The Demographic Dividend
Lutfhi Ahmad Barwanto, Afrizal Ramadhan

Study of Layered Architecture Design for Application Development Technology to Support The Government Applications in West Java Province
Taufik Iqbal Ramdhani

Accelerating The Issuance of Complete Systematic Land Registration Program Certificate in Bandung Regency
Alda Jamilathul Ummah, Nita Nurliawati, Achmad Sodik Sudrajat, Alikha Novira

The Influence of Infrastructure Availability on Income Inequality in West Java Province

Challenges and The Future of Natural Batik Ciwaringn Industry, Cirebon: Case Study Analysis Using IFAS dan EFAS Techniques
Nurkholifatul Maula

Published: 2024-06-13